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Control Valves & Positioners

With more than sixty years of experience in valve manufacture, Azbil (Yamatake) has installed 700,000 control valves world-wide. It also developed the world’s first valve positioner equipped with a microprocessor. Offering fully automatic set-up, this “smart” positioner has been very successful; to date over 200,000 units have been sold. Moreover, drawing on extensive on-site experience, Azbil developed a Field-bus valve positioner with self-diagnostic capabilities. This enables safer, more stable operations, minimizes maintenance costs, and maximizes the working life of the valve.

Flow Meters

Azbil’s electromagnetic flow-meters possess unique flow measurement technology and are tailored to meet on-site requirements. One example is the MagneW3000 PLUS HENRI which – by minimizing the output fluctuation caused by slurry, AC and electrochemical noise – is the ideal solution for many demanding applications.

Pressure & Temperature Transmitters

Proving that Azbil (Yamatake) is on the cutting edge when it comes to the 3 measurements essential to process control – flow, pressure and temperature – are Yamatake’s smart and compact transmitters. The Series 900, PTG and ATT all deliver unsurpassed performance.

Automation Systems

As a member of the Fieldbus Foundation, Azbil can employ the latest open technologies to provide the optimum platform for your plant. Industrial-DEO and Harmonas are two examples of such open systems offering dependable, global-standard automation.