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TAKANAH is highly skilled and reputed professional metering consultants with in depth knowledge of API, AGA and other relevant metering standards provide the consultancy services in custody metering of liquid and gas metering to our clients, and can cater to the requirement from the feed till the commissioning and start up.

Our services in the custody metering include:

    • Metering Calibration and Proving.
    • Development of Metering Control System.
    • Flow Computer Programming.
    • Professional Metering Consultancy.
    • Maintenance and Upgrades.
    • Validation and calibration of transmitters.
    • Support services for GC and Analyzers.
    • Water Draw and Master Meter Calibrations.
    • Prover Detector switches in all brands.
    • Prover 4-way valves in all shapes and sizes.
    • Pipeline Prover Spheres in all sizes.
    • Meter Prover flow skid fabrication and inspection.

Our affiliate in the custody metering solution is Certified Calibrations, which is a US based NIST certified company.
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