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Tanks Gauging Services

For all your gauging, instrumentation and control needs

TAKANAH is highly skilled and reputed professional in Tank Gauging Services.

Takanah specializes in the configuration, commissioning, maintenance, breakdown repair, fault diagnostics and calibration of complex instrumentation, gauging and process control systems for bulk liquid storage terminals. We have the knowledge, training, and experience to deliver the right results to ensure you can get the most out of whatever gauging system you have installed whether it is for safety shutdown, accounting, and mass balancing or just operational control.

Every service we deliver is focussed on optimizing plant efficiency and delivering safety – ensuring that whatever system is installed will function exactly how and when you need it, just as it was designed to be in accordance with legislative requirements, regulations and industry best practice.

  • Project Support

    We work closely with you to understand your exact metering, gauging and associated controls and mass balancing requirements to assist in implementing the best solution for your project. Our expert services include:-

    •  Project Management
    • Accurate Level Gauging and mass balance flow metering
    • Reporting systems and requirements
    • Automation and control system integration
    • Inventory Management systems and software
    • Predictive Maintenance Technology
    • Network implementation and Web-based information systems
    • WirelessHART systems
    • System commissioning
    • Technical and Operational Training
    • Service & Maintenance
  • Service & Maintenance

    Our expert technical personnel will ensure that however well the system was installed or how well it worked when it was commissioned, it will remain safe, accurate and reliable through inspections, audits, calibration and validation of your systems to NATA traceable standards. We have the skills to work on all types of control and process equipment – radar level gauging, servo gauging, hydrostatic tank gauging, volumetric and mass flow measurement, batch controllers, analytical, pressure and temperature devices – as well as a range of DCS, PLC control systems.

      • Planned Maintenance
      • System calibrations, validations, and verification
      • System monitoring and repair
      • Emergency Breakdowns
      • Remote support
      • Customer training

Our affiliate in the custody metering solution is Certified Calibrations, which is a US based NIST certified company.
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