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TAKANAH is one of unique specialized supplier of complete laboratories for the calibration of process instrumentation, TAKANAH is getting associated with Multi – International Companies such as Italcontrol as a sales agent in Saudi Arabia and GCC.

Our partner is one of the most qualified and reputed company providing testing and calibration equipment for the process control instrumentation.

Besides the wide range of products, our partner provides several specific services:

    • Software: Specific Tools to manage and plan the maintenance and calibration of measurement and process control instruments
    • Certificates and reports for calibration and measurement devices
    • Consultancy for the development of calibration and maintenance laboratories



    • Multi Functions Calibrators.
    • Temperature Calibrators: Dry-Blocks.
    • Pressure and Pneumatic calibrators.
    • Smart Field Communicator.
    • Multi  meters and DC voltage calibrator.
    • Vibration Shakar unit
    • Other field calibration equipment’s.

                                                                                                                                                                         TURN – KEY LABORATORIES:

    • Calibration and maintenance of laboratory systems.
    • Laboratory Equipments.
    • Maintenance Calibration Workbenches.
    • Maintenance and calibration software packages.
    • Special test equipment and laboratories manufacturing.

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  • Italcontrol, with an experience of more then ten years in the field of testing and calibration is able to offer one of the most complete lines of hydraulic test rigs and special types of equipment for testing and control of industrial valves.

    • Vertical Test Benches: Range from 1⁄2” to 20” maximum reaction force 400 tons, hydraulic test up to 4000 and pneumatic up to 2100 Bar.
    • Horizontal Test Benches: Range from 2” to 60” maximum reaction force 3200 tons, hydraulic test up to 4000 bars Pneumatic or gas test up to 2100 bars vacuum system up to – 700 mBars
    •  Tilting Test Benches: Range from 1⁄2” to 16”, maximum reaction force 200 tons, hydraulic test up to 4000 bars pneumatic or gas test up to 2100 bars vacuum system up to – 700 mBars
    • Multiple Test Benches:  Range from 1⁄2” to 12” maximum reaction force 300 tons discrimination of the leakage for every test station, hydraulic test up to 4000 bars pneumatic or gas test up to 2100 bars vacuum system up to – 700mBars
    • Actuators Test Benches: With static and dynamic control, torque from 3000 Nm up to 2000.000 Nm.
    • Safety Relief Valves Test Benches: Range up to 12”, Hydraulic test up to 1000 bars, Pneumatic or gas test up to 350 bars. It is designed for testing and setting any type of safety and pilot operated Valve Manual or automatic clamping system

All Test Benches are tested according to API, ANSI, DIN, BS, ISO and come with Full automatic control system with test reports generation. For more info, please visit Italcontrol web site at www.italcontrol.net