Additive & Injection

Additive & injection

​Honeywell additive injection systems ensure safe and accurate dosing of additives to fuels and assure the terminal operator that high quality and safety standards are being met. ​

Additive Pump Skids

Additive pump skids, fabricated from galvanized steel and supplied complete with pump and motor assemblies of various sizes, are for dye and additive injection applications.

Fusion4 MiniPak

Fusion4 MiniPak is designed for load rack and pipeline additive applications where accuracy, audit trail, customer and regulatory compliance requirements are mission critical.

Fusion4 MultiPak

Fusion4 MultiPak by Honeywell is the most advanced additive controller on the market. It offers enhanced information, precision and integration capabilities for multiple stream additive injection applications.


MeQ-Pak additive injection applications has a simple installation and low maintenance requirement. It can provide injection ratios of 0.25 PPM to 2500 PPM and can handle up to four different additives at the same time.
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