Life Cycle Extension Program of Control System and field instrument

Let’s face it, a control system and field devices are major expense. Extending the life of an existing control system and field devices are very important. However, the software and hardware used to run your control system can often change, and if a facility is not careful, they can find themselves on an obsolete platform and outdated products with no spares!

Get the Most out of Your Equipment

Should an obsolete component on the control system fail, it could result in taking your plant down for an extended period of time. This is where TAKANAH Controls comes in. We can provide a life cycle analysis of your current and future control system to ensure you:

Obtain the maximum life out of your control system.
Lower the risk by analyzing the existing control system and stocking proper replacement parts.
Provide a documented plan for migration which fits into your corporate strategy.
Are able to maintain your system with internal and external support.

Because we have extensive experience on many DCS /PLC control systems and Field Devices, we can offer you a solution and a plan that exactly fits your needs. This plan can be implemented by our engineers or if you prefer another integrator of your choice. We want what works best for your facility.

Typical project applications include:

Distributed Control System (DCS) evaluation
Field devices alternative with plug and play products
Stop gap measure to keep the facility running with the least investment as possible.
Development of a five (5) or ten (10) year migration strategy for the entire global manufacturing facilities down to a single process.
Consultation on determining the best solution for an replacing an obsolete control system.
Spare parts support for even obsolete component
As quick support, all pneumatic and Honeywell field obsolete devices products is 100% direct replacement available with us as we already had done assessment for our client and efforts is free for our customers.
like wise items 7, all ABB field devices such as pneumatic controllers and others, replacement is already done for some of our clients.

Takanah: Lifecycle Extension program scope cover the following components as showing Figure 1 to the level of Plant operation level as showing below:

    • DCS and ESD systems
    • PLC and Vibration system
    • Electrical Control System
    • Field and Pneumatic Instrumentation
    • Other Electrical and Instrumentation Related

    Lifecycle Program Covered Scope:

    • Systems Survey
    • Identify best option available for customer
    • Spare Part Supply
    • Spare Parts Test
    • Spare Part Management
    • Spare Part Repair
    • Generate Spare through ITP (Integrate To Build)
      Engineering and Integration
    • Training and Expert Resources supply

With over 35 years of process control experience, Takanah is well suited to assist you on getting the most out of your equipment and save you capital investment. we are ready at any time to give you our maximum efforts to maximize your assets life and asset utilization with minimum investment.

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